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A New Benchmark

Every time we’ve put Echotone on the big screen in Austin, we’ve sold out the theater, whether it was the “Cast and Crew Screening” more than a year ago or the 2 screenings at the Austin Film Festival, people came out in droves. Theater rules were bent. Lawn chairs came out. People hung in the rows and hid in the shadows against the back wall. Or there was Marfa (Austin in the desert). Almost 50 people had to be turned away. But we never expected this.

Every night of the 4 nights sold out. Then the 5th night the Alamo Drafthouse gave us. The most remarkable part about it, something that could only be seen on the ground level, was how the lines grew with each passing night. Faces became increasingly unfamiliar. It was testament to the power of word of mouth and all the good press boiling up all at once. It got people out. I stood in the lobby, watching people asking for tickets and getting turned away.

It has truly taken a community to prop up Echotone. I just started writing a list to acknowledge everyone responsible, but immediately backed off. It’s ENORMOUS. The lines between friends, colleagues, and family all blurred together.

And now that the Drafthouse has agreed to give us a FULL WEEK run starting this Friday, May 6th, we’ve reached a new benchmark. If we do well this week, the possibilities open up even further for our future: more screenings in Chicago, New York, LA. It also helps raise our profile and opens us up to more opportunities to continue shooting this fascinating story nationwide.

We’re slated to shoot the pilot for Echoton Chicago this summer and plan to do the same in LA and NYC by the end of 2011. It starts here. Please spread the word and help get people into seats for our extended Austin run! If we’re as successful as we have been, the sky’s the limit!

Thank you!


Momentum: An Austin Film Festival Recap

Director Nathan Christ, musician Bill Baird, AMP co-founder James Moody, Mayor's Chief Of Staff Ritch Bailey, AMO's Brad Stein, and HAAM's Carolyn Schwarz discuss music, politics, and other issues facing Austin's creative class at #aff2010. Photo by Yusef Svacina

It didn’t really register that I’d moved away from Austin until coming back to the Austin Film Festival for the Echotone screenings. I didn’t brood and plan about moving away for much time at all. Austin doesn’t really let you do that. Just when you think you can’t possibly stay another day – when the heat melts you to the sidewalk, when the lack of work becomes too stifling, when your curiosity/travel bug begins to tell you that other pastures might be greener – just when you start to think that way, some incredible 24-hour coffeehouse opens just down the street, or you see an inspiring show from Sleep Good or Machine or Shapes Have Fangs, or the guys at Transmission curate another brilliant Fun Fun Fun Fest. You start to think, maybe I can stay here another 5 years!

It’s hard to know if it’s a velvet rut or not. All I know is that I left. We finished making Echotone in February and have been moving ever since. I was lifted West by the swell of the Robin Lombaria’s Marfa Film Festival, truly one of the strongest weeks of my life – nothing short of a rainbow gathering, a collision of creative people, family, and beloved friends from all over the country. From there, a short respite in Chicago before working as a cook all summer in a Buddhist community deep in the French countryside. It was a different kind of a work, a time to recharge and regroup before the next push – the Echotone film festival circuit and the upcoming plan to develop Echotone into a miniseries.

After France, I decided wintry Chicago was the place for me. We want to explore the concepts and themes we discovered in the Austin story in other American cities (specifically Chi Town, L.A., and NYC). I’ve been up here on an anthropological dig, exploring the massive, sprawling megalopolis, trying to figure out where the passionate individuals lie, whether in music, film, or theater. Chicago’s been my docking point for the growing nationwide Echotone expeditions: Los Angeles Downtown Independent Film Festival, Dallas Video Fest, Hot Springs Film Festival, the upcoming Starz Denver Film Festival, and our madcap Rumble Tour, where we drove all across the West Coast with the film and the musicians from the film in tow.

Coming home to Austin took me by surprise. Both of our screenings were completely sold out, with people in the aisles and on folding chairs. The hometown support was deeply moving. Then there was the annual ATX Converge event, where musicians from the film (Machine, Dana Falconberry, The White White Lights, and Sunset) sent vibrations from within the beloved Mohawk (one of the epicenters of our film).

We racked up a lot of critical praise and had plenty of Austinites come up to us and gush about how we nailed the story, how it inspired them to continue in their artistic pursuits. I even had a young woman come up to me and say that she was about to drop out of her Music Business degree before she saw the film, that it had lit a fire underneath her to keep going and not give up. It was a big step for me when the musicians in the film gave it a thumbs up. Now, it seems, Austin is behind it.

So, yes, Momentum. It’s on the tips of our tongues. I dream about the word. I ponder what it means. I wake up each morning recognizing its importance. It’s up to us to keep going, to turn the vision into a miniseries and scale the mountain before us: the nationwide Echotone story.
- Nathan Christ, Director

All photos by Yusef Svacina, courtesy of Swatch Photography.

Recent Press from Austin Film Festival

-Interview with Director Nathan Christ and Producer Dániel Perlaky on KUT 90.5′s Texas Music Matters
-Feature Article by the Austinist
-AV CLUB’s AFF Recap – Echotone earns ‘best hometown representation.’
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The Line extends around the block for a sold out screening at the Alamo Ritz. Slated for the same time that day was the AFF Award's Luncheon with David Simon, and a Texas Longhorns Home Game...Live Music is Austin's Pro Sport! Photo by Yusef Svacina.

Mayor Will Wynne's Chief of Staff Ritch Bailey, and Producer Nicholas Jayanty discuss momentum and community action after a sell out screening at the Alamo Ritz during @austinfilmfest. Photo by Yusef Svacina.

Director Nathan Christ post Ritz screening at #aff2010. Photo by Yusef Svacina.

The Voodoo Highway team basks in a pitch perfect screening of Echotone. Photo by Yusef Svacina.

Soaking in success Associate Producer Nate Ferrone is A-OK. Photo by Yusef Svacina.

Bill Baird and Victor Moyers catch a breath at the Driskill post screening #aff2010. Photo by Yusef Svacina.

I get by with a little help...Photo by Yusef Svacina.

Dana Falconberry hypnotizes at the ATX CONVERGE 2010. Photo by Yusef Svacina.

Jenny Gacy of the White White Lights delivers a sonic sermon... the Reverend Gacy has the stage. Photo by Yusef Svacina.

13 tucked in a 15-pass

Woke up all of us in the Albuquerque Days Inn in good spirits, realizing we were in the midst of the balloon festival, the one that clouds the skies multi-colored once a year. We couldn’t stop and behold, though. We’re passing through too many captivating corners of this strange and vast country to get stuck in every moment.

As I mentioned in our first stream cast, the Stern Maid of the Partridge Family must be active. The role morphs hourly. Sometimes it’s Nick, which his Big Picture epic ideas about where the horizon is taking us, sometimes it’s Brian, our tour coordinator, who’s already handled some wicked late night driving weather, sometimes it’s John Kolar, Sunset’s drummer, with the commanding and very effective shouts: “Alright! Everybody load up!” Sometimes it’s me, like today, when I realized our route was potentially taking us directly into the Rockies – long, harsh inclines, switchbacks, and bone-narrow roads. It would’ve been bad. So we skimmed it at the last second and cut across the desert.

It’s all going surprisingly well. With so many creative people stuffed into van, one might think it could be like herding cats. At the moment, it feels like a laptop village, many people buried in their projects. Bill Baird worked for literally 13 hours straight yesterday on the mixing of some of his new tunes. It’s an inspiring atmosphere.

Our last-minute alternate route spit us directly into the Navajo Nation, where we happened upon the aftermath of a big,messy parade.

Nick said, “Third World America” and, lord, it was true. The streets were impoverished.

It jolted me to the conditions I’ve seen in Mexico and Morocco for a moment. Truly a marginalized people. It weighed heavy on our souls.

We found our way out, skirting Monument Valley and the Four Corners, as Neil Young/s After the Gold Rush embraced the melancholy open space. It was heavy.

We bear northbound now towards Salt Lake, then Washington, as we get closer daily to THE RUMBLE.


Reversal Films announces Echotone Sneak
Preview Tour in collaboration
with Future Sounds’ The Rumble

Echotone, Reversal Films and Future Sounds present a special edition of THE RUMBLE, the Echotone Sneak Preview Tour featuring live performances by Sunset, The White White Lights, Dana Falconberry and more, October 4th, 2010 – Oct. 10th, 2010.

Director Nathan Christ and featured artists, Sunset, Dana Falconberry, and The White White Lights, will be onsite at select Q&As and performing live shows.

Echotone Sneak Preview Tour Schedule and Line Ups

Oct. 4
Echotone Sneak Preview Seattle & Q&A
Tickets $7 w/ RSVP
The Rumble: Seattle @ Havana Social Club, 9:00 PM FREE
With Performances by SUNSET, The White White Lights, Dana Falconberry

Oct. 5
Echotone Sneak Preview Portland & Q&A
@ Someday Lounge, 7:30
Tickets $7 w/ RSVP –
The Rumble: Portland @ Someday Lounge, 9:30 PM FREE
With Performances by SUNSET, The White White Lights, Dana Falconberry

Oct. 6
Echotone Sneak Preview San Francisco & Q&A
Café Du Nord, 7:00 PM
Tickets $7 w/ RSVP
Echotone and the Recording Academy San Francisco Chapter presents a live streaming panel @ Café Du Nord, 8:45PM
Tune in at
The Rumble: San Francisco, CA Café Du Nord, 9:30 PM FREE
With Performances by SUNSET, The White White Lights, Dana Falconberry

Oct. 7
The Rumble: Los Angeles @ 3 Clubs, 9:00 PM FREE
With Performances by SUNSET, The White White Lights, Dead Trees

Oct. 8
Echotone Sneak Preview Los Angeles w/ Q&A
@ Downtown Independent 8:00 PM
Tickets $10 w/ RSVP

Oct. 9
The Rumble: San Diego @ Bar Pink, 9:00 PM FREE
With Performances by SUNSET, The White White Lights, Chairs Missing

Oct. 10
The Rumble: Las Vegas @ Bunkhouse, 9:00 PM FREE
With Performances by SUNSET, The White White Lights