Echotone needs your support from time to time, whether its help getting the word out about upcoming events or cool news, finishing the film, getting one of the bands to a screening to rock hard after a great showing, or sometimes just some good vibes.  We will keep you posted on ways you can get involved with Echotone’s upcoming release, and how you can support the Echotone team.

In addition to sharing ways you can help Echotone, we will also use this section as a way to spotlight other causes and projects we are supporting that could use your support as well!

Echotone Expands – Music Doc Miniseries

At every turn we have scraped together resources from the love of family, friends, and community to achieve a singular cinematic feat. Through screening Echotone in multiple cities we’ve discovered its universality across America and the world.

As the film approaches widespread release this month, we’ve chosen to continue telling a story about the birth and death of America’s cultural incubators.

Host a Screening

Interested in bringing Echotone to a theater or community near you? Click here to learn how to Host a Screening.

Join the Digital Street Team

Let a Rock Doc Rock! Help launch Echotone!

In addition to getting a limited edition DVD copy of the motion picture, hoodies, t-shirts, and other special items, Echotone will also be giving away exclusive B Side releases featuring live video and audio tracks recorded during production of some of Austin’s breakout artists including The Black Angels, The White White Lights and Sunset.

SUNSET! Album + Book + MegaTour 2010

Help Echotone Artists Sunset get their album complete, share their music with the world, and publish a book on their experiences!