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Echotone Expands – Multicity Music Miniseries

At every turn we have scraped together resources from the love of family, friends, and community to achieve a singular cinematic feat. Through screening Echotone in multiple cities we’ve discovered its universality across America and the world.

As the film approaches widespread release this month, we’ve chosen to continue telling the story through two initiatives: the Echotone Series Pilot and the Echotone Music Grant. Funds will be split evenly among the initiatives.

Echotone opens theatrically at the reRun Theater in New York on Sept 9. and at the Alamo South Lamar in Austin on Sept. 11. It will be available on DVD on Sept. 13 and Digitally Sept. 27 at

Echotone: The Road to an Audience

After drawing 500 people to the small town of Marfa, Texas, for the World Premiere at the Marfa Film Festival (the largest turnout to a MFF screening ever), Echotone spent its time on the festival circuit playing large international festivals like the Starz Denver International Film Festival and small communities like Chambersburg, PA’s, Waking Giant Festival.

For the past 18 months we’ve worked harder than we ever thought imaginable, stapling Echotone flyers to every telephone pole in every city we could find, asking more of friends than we probably should – crashing on couches or asking them to drive us and the film’s musicians halfway across the country for a guerilla screening tour. Bringing Echotone to the world, whether in world-class theaters or projected onto dive bar walls, has been a full-blown marathon.

We have won the Hill Country Film Festival and the Northside Music Festival in Brooklyn, and sold out 10 screenings in our hometown of Austin. Now we charge toward widespread release on digital and DVD, and theatrically in New York on Sept. 9 at the reRun Theater in Brooklyn and again in Austin right before Austin City Limits Festival.

It’s been a difficult journey, bootstrapped from day one. At key moments in the film’s life, friends and strangers have stepped up and helped just as we thought we were about to falter, renewing our faith in the integrity of our creative community. This support is what has led us to keep telling the story in other cities. It also inspired us to find ways to empower artists and fans alike, and give back to the Austin music community that inspired us.

Echotone Series Pilot

Echotone’s relevance in other cities has been impossible to ignore, and has forged many partnerships that continue to reveal powerful stories. The Echotone series is a 6-part 6-hour expansion of the film, showing similar stories in Austin, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. Kickstarter proceeds provide finishing funds for a series pilot episode, which will enable us to prove and pitch the concept and secure a broadcast deal to fund and produce the series.

Director Nathan Christ and Photographer Robert Garza have already been on the street filming in Chicago in June 2011 with the likes of Buddy Guy, White Mystery, Mannequin Men, and more, and now in New York in September 2011 with important stories at the endangered Chelsea Hotel, and with Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Les Savy Fav, and others. We plan to shoot Los Angeles by the end of 2011 and finish the pilot by late January 2012.

The Kickstarter Campaign

Some are familiar with Kickstarter as a crowd-sourced funding tool. You receive a benefit package for your donation level, detailed to the right. We used Kickstarter early in Echotone’s life to raise $5,000 for production funding. Additionally we introduced one of Echotone’s musicians, Dana Falconberry, to Kickstarter and she raised 82% more than her target to fund production of a new album.

Now we are using Kickstarter to fund the production of the Echotone series pilot and a grant that will be dedicated to helping an Austin artist to release their next album. It’s important to note that we will not receive any funds at all until we meet our funding goal. Please contribute what you can and share this link on your Facebook, Twitter, blog, and email list to help us reach the goal.

A New Benchmark

Every time we’ve put Echotone on the big screen in Austin, we’ve sold out the theater, whether it was the “Cast and Crew Screening” more than a year ago or the 2 screenings at the Austin Film Festival, people came out in droves. Theater rules were bent. Lawn chairs came out. People hung in the rows and hid in the shadows against the back wall. Or there was Marfa (Austin in the desert). Almost 50 people had to be turned away. But we never expected this.

Every night of the 4 nights sold out. Then the 5th night the Alamo Drafthouse gave us. The most remarkable part about it, something that could only be seen on the ground level, was how the lines grew with each passing night. Faces became increasingly unfamiliar. It was testament to the power of word of mouth and all the good press boiling up all at once. It got people out. I stood in the lobby, watching people asking for tickets and getting turned away.

It has truly taken a community to prop up Echotone. I just started writing a list to acknowledge everyone responsible, but immediately backed off. It’s ENORMOUS. The lines between friends, colleagues, and family all blurred together.

And now that the Drafthouse has agreed to give us a FULL WEEK run starting this Friday, May 6th, we’ve reached a new benchmark. If we do well this week, the possibilities open up even further for our future: more screenings in Chicago, New York, LA. It also helps raise our profile and opens us up to more opportunities to continue shooting this fascinating story nationwide.

We’re slated to shoot the pilot for Echoton Chicago this summer and plan to do the same in LA and NYC by the end of 2011. It starts here. Please spread the word and help get people into seats for our extended Austin run! If we’re as successful as we have been, the sky’s the limit!

Thank you!


Echotone Opens at the Alamo Ritz!
April 24 – 27, 2011

After coming off the amazing success of Echotone’s soundtrack release during SXSW, we are pleased to announce that Echotone will be opening at the Alamo Ritz on April 24, 2011!

Get your advance ticket here before they sell out!

Screening Times:
April 24, 2011 – 9:45pm
April 25, 2011 – 7:00 PM
April 26, 2011 – 7:00 PM
April 27, 2011 – 9:30 PM

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